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High-End DIY Audio,
Modifications and Tweaking

CD-player modifications

Marantz SA7001
Marantz SA8400
Philips DVD763SA
Marantz CD72mkII
Marantz CD63mkII-KI
Marantz CD67mkII
Marantz CD67mkII-OSE
Marantz CD57-XXL
Marantz CD63mkII
Marantz CD52mkII
Marantz CD65II-SE

Service manuals & schematics

The PDF-page
  Quick links:
Marantz SA7001KI
Marantz SA8400
Marantz CD57/67/SE
Marantz CD53/63 mkII/SE/KI
Marantz CD43/53/63
Marantz CD32/42/52
Marantz CD72mkII/SE
Marantz CD72SE

Custom-made audiorack
by Eilard Meier


Ray's Audio Shop updated
▪ The Crescendo: p1 p2 p3
The Super-Regulated ezDAC
▪ The ezDAC v1.5: p1  p2
Discrete CD output stage
   and the new DOS-CFP
CD clock PCB
▪ The PFM Flea: p1  p2
LM317/337 voltage regulators
Balanced mains filter
Shielded mains cable
Vifa Vivace '94 upgrades
UTP speaker cables
Ray's audioset

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